Affordable snacking for any office

Snack Boxes

Our variety snack boxes are the perfect solutionfor busy teams, big or small.

You will get a full variety of snacks that will appeal to a range of taste preferences and dietary requirements.

Every snack box purchase donates a meal to a person in need via OzHarvest’s food rescue program.


Snacking Service

Our Specialty lies with working with office and faculty managers to design a snacking program for offices and co-working spaces that are big on culture.

We assess your team size, budget, requirements and provide a fun full service solution.

Drinks, account management and merchandising also available.


Digital Honesty Box

We get it. Not every business has the budget to reward their staff with healthy snacks but that doesn’t mean that they should miss out.

Snack Proud will soon be launching a simple barcode snacking app that will allow staff to pay for snacks out of the box we manage. Think of it as a vending machine alternative.


Snack Proud Values

Smart Variety of sweet and savoury options

Snacks that add value. No empty calories

Boosted with fibre and protein for energy

Supporting local health food suppliers

Smartly portion controlled to avoid over snacking

All snacks have a 4 star or higher health rating

Experience the latest and greatest snacks

Travel friendly to suit a busy lifestyle

Snack Proud Customers

Over 100 hours of time saved sourcing snacks and stocking shelves at two locations.

Custom snack plan with shelf stocking, drinks and a full snack wall of goodies.

Energising the busy team and assisting the contact centre to maximise short breaks and stay healthy at work.

Healthy snack boxes for multiple state offices to create a unified experience.

Portion controlled, protein based range to support their exercise programmes.

Snack boxes were used as a tool for healthy fundraising for RUOK week.

What we are loving right now

Late July Tortilla Chips

Luv Sum Protein Ball

Slim Secrets Fit and Fab

Tucker’s Natural Snack Bites