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Why Snack Proud Works

When is a good time to snack?

Whether you are working from home or in the offices, take short breaks in between calls or projects to refuel on healthy snacks. Choosing products made with whole food ingredients, ensures your are getting the nutrients you need to stay focused.

It’s, not all about work. Snacks add to the overall experience when you are doing a road trip or travelling and save getting stuck in remote locations with nothing good to eat.

Healthy snacks like popcorn are a fun, yet lower-calorie option when you are watching your favourite movie. Whether you invite your friends over or head out for a long drive, snacks fill the fun conversations.

How to build healthy snacks into your daily routine.
Undoubtedly, snacks play a big part in our daily diet, when life is busy! A quick snack keeps us loaded on energy when we are on the go, but when chilling at home, a lot people enjoy snacks for relaxation. 

  1. Keep your routine consistent. Eat a wholesome lunch and refuel at 2 or 3pm each day when you feel hungry again, so that you don’t overeat at dinner time.
  2. Try new healthy snacks regularly so that you don’t get bored. Try one sweet snack and one savoury snack each day. You might want a protein bar for one snack and choose a fresh snack like fruit or vegetable sticks as your other snacks of choice.
  3. Share our healthy snack break with a friend. If you are working from, call a family member, make a cup of tea or go for a walk with your snack. This is called habit bundling.
How to make snacking guilt-free.

Unplanned, last minute snacks are the ones that tend to contain common allergens, artificial ingredients, refined sugar or empty calories. This is where you can end up feeling guilty. So, what is the solution? Get organised with a Snack Proud healthy snack box that aligns with your dietary preferences, whether that is gluten-free, dairy-free or keto Snack Proud take the guesswork out of picking snacks that are make with clean wholesome ingredients, don’t contain refined-sugar yet still taste totally delicious! Our goal is to offer you a guilt-free snacking experience when shopping for snacks online.

The team at Snack Proud love snacks absolutley, but we also believe in a healthy lifestyle. We bring a range low sugar, gluten free snacks that are find to find, all in the one place so you can continue to discover epic new Australian made products that make the healthy choice, easy, affordable and fun.

What is the importance of healthy snacking?

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, why to snack at all, right? If you have been thinking the same, then here’s the answer for you.

Healthy snacking is not just for gym goers. Snacks are in fact, great for your overall health.

For your body and mind to function at their best, it is beneficial to have a meal or healthy snack every two or three hours when you are feeling hungry. Now, very few people have time to make a full meal to eat every few hours, which is where snacks come in. Snacks will keep your energy levels stable so you can work to your full potential throughout the day.

Healthy snacks can reduce sick leave, fatigue and enhance the productivity of employees in the work environment. If you are an employer looking for corporate snacks in Australia for your team, we are here for you.

Why buy snacks for yourself or gift to a loved one?

At Snack Proud, we have a range of snacks that can be bought individually or in gift boxes. Everyone loves a box of unique snacks that are also healthy. Our boxes are specially curated to suit different dietary requirements. From gluten-free snack boxes to keto snacksvegan snacks to protein versions, there definitely is something in store for everyone. If you are someone who is looking for weight loss snacks, you must try our special Low Calorie snack box.

We understand new mums need healthy snacks to assist with breastfeeding, not to mention get them through sleepless nights. For that reason, Snack Proud has created a new mums gift box which contains a range of protein rich snacks a premium eco-nappy. These snacks will surely fill the new mums’ much-required breaks in between their tiresome schedule without having to prepare anything. Snacks for new mums need to be extremely healthy and have high nutritional content, which is why our snack range will prove to be a savior for you.

If you are even looking out for healthy lunchbox snacks for kids, don’t search further as there can’t be a better option than what we have in store for you. Kids are undeniably going to cry for some tasty snacks; so why not give them a packet of goodness with cauliflower, broccoli or beetroot chips? Sounds amazing right? And if you think that this is just enough, wait till you explore our range more.