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Whether it is re-working a company’s food budget to include healthier choices, or assistance in building your name as an employer of choice, the Snack Proud team is here to help.

-Meet Ashleigh

Snack Proud is brought to you by Ashleigh Whittaker–customer experience designer, health enthusiast and food entrepreneur.

Workplace snacking programs are a great way to make health and wellbeing a part of your everyday culture. Ashleigh consults with top-tier companies to profile their existing food culture in the office and look at ways to reallocate spend to more nutritious alternatives.

Having worked in a range of different sized organisations and having run her own business, Ashleigh has seen the impact a positive culture and healthy workforce has on productivity and workplace morale.

Why we do it…

“Your people drive your business, so it is essential that they are fuelled to deliver their best work. From 3pm onwards, energy levels dip and this can lead to hours of lost productivity and brain fogginess before heading home.”

Choosing the wrong energy source (sugar), causes highs and lows, feelings of guilt and, overtime, the onset of health issues like diabetes and obesity.

The right fuel source, however, derived from protein and fibre-rich snack foods will leave your staff feeling satisfied, happy and focused, not to mention proud of themselves for making a good choice.

Happy Clients

“I think this might be the first week I have got through without a single biscuit thanks to Snack Proud boxes. I am currently munching on Nori strips instead of potato chips.”

Macquarie Staff Member

“We love having Snack Proud pick our snacks each week and find new things to try. Having the snacks put out on shelf, instead of being left at the loading dock saves us so much time each week.”

Indeed Office Manager

Our staff love discovering new healthier snacks in their box each month. Even the ones we thought didn’t do healthy are getting involved.”

Adroll Office Manager

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