About Snack Proud

Snack Proud was borne out of a need to make healthy snacking exciting, affordable and fun in the workplace.

In the beginning…

Snack Proud was founded by Ashleigh Whittaker in 2016, after experiencing first hand how unhealthy snacking was impacting her team at work.

2016 : Snack Proud was Ash’s side hustle while working at Macquarie Bank

Working as a UX designer in a bank, her developer peers were constantly ‘refuelling’ on biscuits, primo and chocolate, only to be zombies by 3pm. They wanted to be healthy, hitting the gym at lunch, but didn’t know how to make good food choices when time was limited.

Getting it out there

Starting a business is easy, growing a business is harder. Snack Proud was early in the market for businesses offering healthy snacks to staff. We had a lot of grit.

2017: Ashleigh joined a 3 month start-up incubator to grow the business and quit her job at the bank.

2018: We continued to secure awesome clients. Snack Proud launches its first own brand snacks.

Gaining momentum

2019: Snack Proud sets up its own warehouse and distribution near the CBD to offer our clients a dedicated delivery service.

We hire pantry managers so our larger customers have a set and forget replenishment service. They love it!

Changing times

The start of 2019 were our strongest months ever as more employers realised the benefit of healthy snacking at work.
But BOOM Covid hits and things get tricky.

2020: COVID shuts down all revenue in a week. We pivot to care packages and sell over 10,000 home delivery snack boxes.

2021: This year Snack Proud launched an e-commerce site, reignite our corporate accounts and continue to develop our own brand snacks!

Our Company Values

Innovate always

We are always looking at new products and services to make our clients lives easier and your employee experience better than your competitors.

Health without compromise

Healthy eating is no long boring. We make better choices the preferred choice with amazing taste as a number one ranging factor.

Passionate Service

Consider Snack Proud as an extension of your people team. We bring ideas, special deals and fast communication so you always know what is going on.

Affordable pricing

Snack Proud offer healthy snacks at wholesale prices so our clients get more value for money. We provide budget management for free!

Future Sustainability

Snack Proud has developed its own sustainable snack brand in home compostable packaging to reduce single use plastics at work.

Support local

Being a small (but mighty) small business ourselves, we are passionate about giving local brands a platform to reach corporate Australia.

Let’s chat!

Call us on 1300 445 666 or message us on live chat. Or simply submit your enquiry below.

Email ashleigh@snackproud.com.au