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Employee wellbeing
subscription box

If your team are working from home on a regular basis, a healthy snack box subscription will help your team feel supported to make better food choices.

Your team will enjoy discover new trending snacks and drinks each month. Boxes can be tailored to your team’s favourites or dietary preferences. Choose a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly plan.

In-office Wellbeing Programmes

Snack Proud will be the tangible nutrition component of your workplace wellbeing program. Whether it is a 12 Week Health Challenge, a one-off snack box for a speaker event or lunch and learn, we have lots of experience to share.

Try swapping meeting catering to healthy boardroom snack boxes for 30 month. Save money, reduce waste, delight staff.

Employee Discounts and Health Food Credit

Employee Perks
All Snack Proud clients unlock 20% off retail prices for staff to buy snacks for home or gifts.

Healthy Family Programs.
Lunchboxes can be a stress and cause of guilt for busy parents. Allow staff to opt into a monthly family snack bundle, subsidised by your organisation. You are only charged for the employees who partcipiate.


Feel good with snacks that taste amazing, yet free from…

Common Allergens

Empty Calories

Artificial Ingreidents

Refined Sugar

Employee wellbeing FAQ’s

We have an existing well-being program, can you work into that?

Snack Proud brings a tangible food solution to your well-being program.

Educating your employees on healthy lifestyle habits is one thing but making good choices front and centre are how behaviours change.

Some clients swap junk food or biscuits for healthy snack boxes for the 12 weeks of the program.

How do my staff access their snack discount codes?

We will provide a sticker for your box so that staff can see how to get more of their favourite snacks delivered to home or the office. We can also do posts for your Slack Channel.

Can we try one box before we subscribe?

Yes, once you send your first snack box to your remote employees, you can get feedback on the sorts of snacks they like. We change the ranges regularly. You can choose a monthly or quarterly subscription, depending on your budget.

What if my staff have dietary requirements?

Most of our snacks are gluten-free and a lot of them are vegan. We can also cater to keto or nut-free diets. Just add the dietary preferences next to the person’s name in the bulk order form.

Do you have partners who can provide well-being education sessions?

If you are looking to set up a more holistic well-being program, we will help you scope it out and connect you with the right people who can offer lunch and learns, webinars, corporate yoga, massages and fitness.

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