Why choose snacks as a benefit?

Benefits can make or break business efforts to attract great employees in a tight hiring market. Financially, snacks are a small cost in a benefits package when you’re paying staff $70,000+ per year, with recruiters’ fees and high office rents. Millennial talent in particular enjoy benefits which have an immediate wow factor.

How do I stop all the snacks being eaten at once?

Make snacking mindful and have an honesty jar for staff to contribute a dollar or two. Your staff will know you are offering a generous subsidy, as they would typically have to pay $3 or $4 for jerky or protein balls in a cafe. Alternatively keep snacks in the back room and put a few out each day. We can help to design a plan for you.

Where do your snacks come from?

Snack Proud specialises in curating clean label snacks from small businesses. We produce a range of delicious snacks, we source another portion from other Australian business and to keep you a bit cultured we import a rare few from the States.  

Why order from Snack Proud?

We source snacks from local artisan suppliers and food brands, Many of our products aren’t available in the supermarket. Our goal is help these brands increase awareness of their fantastic products to show more people how delicious healthier food choices can be.

Can we pick our own snacks?

Our variety boxes cover all bases and allows us to use our expertise in knowing what snacks are popular, to make your staff happy. It also means you can be excited to try new things regularly as we are constantly sourced the latest and greatest products and pricing from our suppliers.

However, we also offer customers with a larger snack budget a customised pantry service. Any questions, just reach out!

My staff like chocolate and lollies a lot!

Don’t be fooled, your staff will love our snacks too! We are always getting great feedback from our many customers. Changing the snacks in our boxes regularly, means your staff won’t get bored of the same old products. Treats are okay every now and then but should not be a daily habit. Your boss invests in creating a great working environment because they want to foster great work, not a sugar crash.

We offer healthy alternatives to fill the chocolate and lolly cravings. Did someone say choc brownie protein ball or raw chocolate?

I’m not sure we have budget for this

A comment we regular here but did you know, most offices are already spending thousands of dollars each year filling the biscuit tin or lollie jar. A big bag of mentos costs $100.00, don’t underestimate how fast this adds up. Cheap biscuits might be a bit cheaper yes, but remember because they aren’t satiating, most people will graze on a handful over the day. This mindless snacking habit is bad for the waistline but also means your costs go up massively. Our snacks are filling so you only need one.

We source in bulk from suppliers, enabling us to get the best prices and discounts on awesome quality product, much cheaper than retail prices. You can also get your staff to contribute towards snacking if your budget is limited. Discounts are available for large orders. Contact us for a quote.

Will Snack Proud save us time and money?

Our energy levels naturally dip at 3pm and this loss in focus costs businesses a lot of money. When cafes close and the fruit bowl runs out, it can take 20 to 30 minutes to leave the office and find a mid-afternoon pick me up. Research shows that it then takes another 25 minutes to regain focus after being interrupted. So that is almost 40 – 50 minutes of lost productivity that can be easily avoided with a healthy snack at your desk. Consider the cost. 45mins lost productivity x average hourly rate x 50% of your staff, tired or out of the office.

Our full pantry service, saves office managers hours every week. Snack proud eliminates tedious supermarket visits from multiple locations, we source everything for you, deliver it to you and stock the shelves. 

Will my staff work harder?

When a person makes bad food choices, their mindset is one of guilt and feelings of failure. Unhealthy eating undoes exercise routines or weight-loss attempts. Employees who feel proud of making good food choices and achieving their personal health goals, will carry this motivation to their work, whether it be selling to your customers or contributing innovative ideas and problem solving. Happy staff equals happy customers. 

What are the health benefits?

Medibank research shows that employees who eat well and exercise more regularly, are able to work 143 effective hours per month. Staff who eat badly and aren’t active, are 2.5 x times more likely to take sick days.

Research tells us that when staff are not physically ‘fit’, normal job stress seems far more overwhelming. 64% of people are unable to cope with this job related stress resulting in more absenteeism.

Eating good food every 2-3 hours helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels and prevent
aggravating the adrenal glands. This is what produces the stress hormone cortisol. Many of our snacks are made from whole food ingredients rich in magnesium and vitamin B, proven to reduce stress and boost serotonin which is the happiness hormone.