Employees who eat well and exercise regularly, work on average 143 effective hours a month compared to 49 effective hours by those less healthy.

Medibank wellbeing study

Eating smaller more frequent meals keeps energy in the tank, reduces sugar crashes and improves cognative performance

Harvard productive study

Obesity in Australia costs employers over $10 billion in lost productivity and related health care costs. Don’t fuel the fire with junk food in the office.

Obesity Australia

The average snack run takes 20 minutes of the office… Keep healthy snacks on hand to save employees time

True Story

       Office snacking done your way

Variety Snack boxes

Our healthy snack boxes are the perfect solution for busy teams, big or small. Simply order a single box and enjoy 14 to 16 different snacks including products like Jerky, protein balls, superfood bars, chips and more.

All dietary requirements are considered so no-one misses out. Subscribe for convenience or order as you need.



Snack Proud special in manage office pantry programs that wow staff, potential hires and impress clients.

Give us a budget and we will custom plan your snack selection with the option to add drinks, fridge items, team lunches fruit and milk. We can also offer shelf replenishment if you need it too!


Cororate Gifting

Nothing says thank your or congratulations like a delicious box of high quality snacks and food items.

Our gifting boxes are a fun and memorable way to stay front of mind clients or rewards your staff. The great thing is this is a gift that can be shared. Prices from $55.00 – $100.00 per piece.


Events and conferences

Say good bye to the tired muffins and put a unique spin on your next corporate event by setting up healthy snack stations. This reduces food waste and makes catering to dietary requirements easy.

We also do individual snack boxes for picnics, training days or travelling workers. Give us a brief and get ready to be inspired.


Wellbeing programs

Snack Proud has fuelled a number of corporate wellbeing programs with healthy snacks, prizes, catering and smart snacking lunch and learns.

We also have a trusted range of partners in mindfullness training, leadership coaching, nutrition and ergonomics who we can partner with to provide the full package.


How to get started

Trial our snacks

Chat to us about what snack solution is right for your business. Start a trial and see how much staff love have a better choice. No lock in contacts ever!

Enjoy fast delivery

Save time and hassle by setting a regular delivery schedule or order as you need. We can plan your orders or you can customise your own.

Sit back and enjoy

Our snacks change regularly so that your team can continue to experience and taste the latest, innovative snacks. Enjoy monthly invoicing.

Game-changing clients

“We love having Snack Proud pick our snacks each week and finding new things to try. Having the snacks put out on shelf, instead of being left at the loading dock, saves us so much time each week.”

Indeed Office manager

“I think this might be the first week I have got through without a single biscuit thanks to Snack Proud boxes. I am currently munching on Nori strips instead of potato chips.”

Macquarie Staff member

“We love the range of healthy snacks & the ease of ordering. At LinkedIn, we believe in nourishing the minds that connect the world’s professionals.”

Linked In facilities manager

“Snack Proud have made creating a snacking program incredibly easy. Previously our office Manager would have to source, purchase and fill our snack wall, this is all now handled by Snack Proud.”

Mulesoft Office manager

Performance snacking

The average busy office worker snacks 4 times a day, sometimes in replacement of meals. Our snacks are designed for high performing teams who want to maximize every hour of the working day.

Loading with fibre

Boosted with probiotics

Packed full of protein

All natural ingredients