Try our cash free honesty box, your vending alternative

For staff to be enticed to try new healthier snacks and brands, being able to look at ingredients is important, especially if they follow a special diet. This isn’t possible when the product is locked away in a vending machine. The fall back is a ‘safe’ chocolate bar which is not what we want.

Step 1

Bring a Snack Proud variety snack box into your office kitchen at no cost to benefit from happy, healthy staff.

Step 2

We send you introductory coms to send around to your team about the launch.

Step 3

Staff download the Snack Proud app from the Google Play or Apple App stores

They simply scan the snack barcode and pay with a saved credit card – like Uber.

Step 4

Snack Proud refill your snack box every few weeks, often after hours to stay our of your way.

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Snack Proud are excited to trial healthy snacking with your workplace. Because we don’t charge you for the snack boxes, it is important we set it up for success.

Some of the snacks you will enjoy