Healthy Office Snacks

Stand out as wellbeing focused employer during return to work period with Snack Proud’s healthy snack solutions.

Food is fuel, so give your team the edge.

Team snack boxes for the office or donations

Remote meetings and care packs

Full service snack and pantry programs

Staff habit and wellbeing transformation

How we make office snacking stress-free

We design your menu

Snack Proud reviews your headcount, budget, kitchen layout and staff preferences. We also pimp your snack display.

Deliver and service

We deliver snacks directly from our warehouse and offer after-hours service. Make it hands-free by adding a shelf-stocking service.

Manage your budget

Once we have established your range and budget, our account managers ensure that your weekly or monthly orders never go over.

Menu rotation

Employees get bored having the same snacks all the time, so our range changes monthly. We source for trending diets like vegan and keto.

Snacking for any office size or budget

Our point of difference is having a larger snack range than anyone and our ability to tailor menus, specifically to your team’s preferences. Full service clients will have a pantry or account manager who has expert product knowledge to ensure even the most challenging diet is catered to.


  • Snack Proud will manage your budget and weekly orders.
  • Monthly rotating menus to ensure employees don’t get bored.
  • Managing staff feedback and ever-changing dietary preferences.
  • Enhancing product display, hygiene and ensuring your kitchen is a show piece.
  • Consolidated delivery with a dedicated driver.
  • Optional shelf stocking service on delivery, before or during office hours.


  • Time-poor office mangers who have more important jobs to do than supermarket orders.
  • Companies who are health-minded and want unique, innovative products.
  • Companies looking to reduce their single-use packaging impact.
  • Scaling organisations that need to tightly manage a budget.

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If you want the freedom to order what you want and when you want, our wholesale portal is for you. This contains snacks, beverages, cereals, yoghurts, snack boxes and bundles and weekly specials.


  • Shop by useful categories like protein snacks, low carb or reduced packaging.
  • Enjoy monthly specials and volume discount buys.
  • View your order history to make re-ordering easy.
  • Pay on purchase or switch to invoicing and purchase orders.
  • Optional merchandising service to stock you shelves.
  • Next day delivery on orders before midday in Sydney or 48 hours interstate.
  • Optional shelf stocking service on delivery, before or during office hours.


  • Office managers looking to mix up their snack range with better, healthier snacks.
  • Companies looking to reduce their single-use packaging impact.
  • Last minute ordering for events and meetings.


Snack boxes are super easy to order and display. They also appeal to a crowd and have the best snacks on the market. We like to change the range regularly so that your team won’t get bored.


  • Pre-packed in a display box, ready to share with the team.
  • Unique Australian brands you can’t find in the supermarket.
  • Premium variety of healthier snacks like protein balls, bars and jerky.
  • Smartly portion-controlled to avoid over-eating.


  • Smaller companies who want a large range on a limited budget.
  • Companies new to snacking and want to use a snack box to test what staff like.
  • Workshop or event organisers. Snack boxes are perfect to power a session.
  • Sending a client gift that stands out and goes much further than a bottle of wine.
  • Companies that want to use the cash box to get staff contributions to snacking.

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Solutions as unique as our clients

Snack station setup with order management and restocking service across 3 office locations.

Snack program management with menu rotation, tastings and feedback collection.

Lunch and learn on healthy snacking habits with tastings on new health food products.

Weekly healthy hump day snack boxes to keep the team fuelled in a healthy way.

Personal snack packs for remote workers. They feel included in company culture.

Snack range with no single-use plastic. We sourced bulk snacks like protein balls, jerky and nuts.

10 Reasons
To Try

  1. Outsource office supermarket orders – you have better things to do.
  2. Money is being wasted on boring, unhealthy snacks. Our snack range is epic.
  3. You are looking at ways to increase productivity, especially later afternoon.
  4. You have no idea where to start in building a budget and deciding what to get.
  5. Headcount is growing and you need help to maximise your budget and time.
  6. Ordering from multiple vendors is doing your head in. Bring it all together!
  7. Competitors are poaching staff. Boost your employer brand with healthy snacks.
  8. Your office kitchen is messy and unorganised. Snack Proud will pimp your display.
  9. Healthy staff are more resilient to stress and take less sick leave.
  10. You are looking to reduce packaging within your workplace.

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Why should you have healthy snacks during office hours?

Your staff lead busy lifestyles juggling home and work life, meetings, exercise and so on. This is why eating snacks are becoming more relevant in our lives due to the convenience and enabling us to stay fuelled on the go. 

We all love enjoying snacks in between meals and during office hours as it breaks up the day and gives us a boost of energy during the 3 pm slump. People are trying to make healthier lunch choices with salads and so on, but these foods digest in 2-3 hours, leaving people hungry again mid-afternoon.

The big problem is that popular packaged snacking options are mostly unhealthy and high in heavy carbs or fats. 

To maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to eat a broad variety of foods which will increase our nutrient intake. As an employer you can encourage healthy habits with ready-to-eat office snacks, not only taste delicious but delivers energy through value-added ingredients.

What are the productivity benefits?
If you are an employer and want your staff to be healthy and work efficiently, providing healthy snacks for employees is a huge step in the right direction. 

Healthy snacks not only provide energy but get the mind working and encourage creative thinking. When we are hungry or fatigued, work is slow, with the goal of ‘just getting the job done’. Ensure your staff are fuelled to deliver next level results.

If your staff are eating less sugar, you can absolutely guarantee, their moods will improve, energy levels with be more stable and sick leave days will reduce. With the return to work in mind, we can encourage staff to be well with immunity boosting foods like nuts, seeds, protein and fruit which are commonly found in Snack Proud products. 

On another note, providing low sugar, healthy snack options in the office, will give staff fewer reasons to head outside in busy environments to arrange their snacks. Right now, fewer cafes are open for staff to get their 3 pm pick me up, and therefore ‘a quick snack run’, can turn into a 30 min excursion and break in focus. 

How to look for the best snacking program?
Before choosing a snacking program for your workplace, make your primary objective, health. If your company is making the investment in staff perks, ensure this wonderful incentive adds value instead of derailing your staff from their healthy lifestyle journey’s. Wellbeing is a huge part of popular culture now and something people like to work on at home. Bringing this into the workplace culture will ensure they feel happy and supported back in the office.

You want to look for options that will provide health as well as deliver on great taste because this is of course number one.  Don’t invest in boring snacks, Snack Proud will help your team discover the most amazing and delicious healthy snacks that are on-trend and cater to all dietary preferences like keto, vegan and nut-free. 

Another question that comes to an employer’s mind is how to plan the budget. Snack Proud will help you determine the investment your company sure make in healthy eating for staff, given the number of employees you have and the number of hours they work for. 

We design your menu according to your budget, manage the snack rotation so staff don’t get bored of the same products, work with your headcount and staff preferences and even help you manage the orders.

Most importantly, a snacking program is best when it is all-inclusive. Hiring multiple vendors can prove to be too much and thus it is important to bring it all together.