Snacking Station: Healthy Pantry Snacks from Snack Proud

We nail your pantry, letting you focus on growing your business

Better for you breakfast

Delicious sweet and savoury snacks

Low sugar beverages

How we make office snacking stress-free

We design your menu

Snack Proud reviews your headcount, budget, kitchen layout and staff preferences. We also pimp your snack display.

Deliver and service

We deliver snacks direct with no restricted order quantities. If you aren’t in the office to re-stock, Snack Proud can do that for you.

Manage your budget

Once we have established your budget, our account managers ensure that your weekly or monthly orders never go over.

Menu rotation

Employees get bored having the same snacks all the time, so our range changes monthly. We source for trending diets like vegan and keto.

Bringing ‘wow-factor’ to your kitchen hub.

If you are going to offer snacks to your employees don’t waste your budget on boring supermarket snacks.

Snack Proud sources products from local Aussie businesses that your staff will truely rave about. Hello employer fame!

Our team can enhance your snack display to make your kitchen hub a collaboration space for the team. Choose a snack box for full racking set up.

Snacking education and feedback management

It can be hard to keep track of what the team are liking and their ever changing dietary preferences.

Snack Proud provide QR links on the snack display so that staff can scan to learn about the health benefits of the snacks and also submit feedback and requests.

Our team consolidate this within a monthly report.

We specialise in offering better for you snacks that the team will actually love. They won’t even know they’re being healthy!

Save time, money and hassle with supermarket orders

Let’s be honest, you have better things to do with your time than grocery shopping. Time poor? Add pantry manager service to replenish for you too!

Snack Proud can consolidate snacks, breakfast, fruit, milk and more into the one invoice and account to make your life easier.

As we manufacturer some snacks ourself and source in bulk from local brands, Snack Proud can provide your business with largely discounted pricing.

Make the effort to reduce single-use plastic

Snack Proud have a range of snacks portion-controlled in home compostable packaging. These products break down in 26 weeks when placed in the food scraps bin.

Alternatively, we can curate a range of bulk foods and jars with hygenic dispensers if you want to go entirely single-use free.

Stand out as wellbeing focused employer.

Snack station setup with order management and restocking service across 3 office locations.
Snack program management with menu rotation, tastings and feedback collection.
Weekly healthy hump day snack boxes to keep the team fuelled in a healthy way.
Better board room snacks for executives. Long life products reduce waste.

Let’s chat!

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Pantry Programs FAQ’s

What cities do you service?

Snack Proud do corporate snacking services across Australia and New Zealand. Our main distribution hub is in Sydney but we do have a lot of customers in Melbourne too.

While we use a dedicated driver / merchandiser in Sydney, we use reliable couriers to deliver interstate. We are looking to set up a local DC in Melbourne soon.

How do I know if my team needs a snack box or custom pantry program?

This really depends on your headcount and budget for office snacks and beverages. For larger head-counts over 100, we might do a custom program straight away or for companies on a super strict budget.

We do typically suggest trialling out a healthy snack boxes at the beginning because you get to try a really great range without overstocking on any one item. As many of the snacks are new to your employees, the love the discover. Then after we learn habits, it can be good to customise.

If you also have beverages, breakfast and chilled items in your pantry program, we will
work on a custom menu. Feel free to reach out for a custom quote.

Do you offer treats too? My team like treats?

Yes, we do! Most of our healthy snacks have mainstream appeal – that’s why our customers use Snack Proud. They just so happen to be better for you or free of common allergens so no one feels left out.

Think brownie balls, popcorn and jerky. But, if you are looking for traditional treats, we carry enough to keep your team’s sugar tooth at bay. Products like Cadbury favourites, Coke, Red Rock Deli Chips and Cookies.

Some companies go 80/20 or 75/25 but we can help get the right mix for you.

Can we do a trial period?

Yes you can. For full service pantry programs, we like to suggest a 6 week trial period so you can really see the value we offer and our team get enough data on your teams snacking preferences to tailor order accordingly.

You can also manage your own snack program by self-serving on our B2B customer portal which has all our snacks, drinks and pantry items and discounted business pricing.

If you are just trialling snack boxes, you can order ad-hoc any time!

How is invoicing done?

Snack Proud can take credit card payment, bank transfer or popular vendor invoicing platforms like Coupa or Arriba. A number of our clients will invoice monthly, quarterly or annual POs to invoice against.

We can consolidate milk, fruit and alcohol into your snack program if needed.