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Snack Proud is delivering happiness across Australia via delcious care packages, healthy snack boxes and corporate gifts that stand out from the crowd. Buy one-off gifts or order in bulk. If you have any questions, send us a message on Live Chat. We can’t wait to help!




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Gifting a healthy snack box is great way to give your fit friends, family members with food allergies or snack loving co-workers a gift that will truely bring happiness and ultimate convenience! Each box is packed with snack options to satisfy the evening dessert munchies, post-exercise energy boost, where healthy protein snacks can help recharge the batteries.

Snack Proud believes that healthy snacking is the tool to managing hunger on the go or when life is busy – which lets be honest, it always is! Now you can take the guilt away and solve this problem for your loved ones with a healthy snack hamper.

How can Snack Proud help us with Gifting?

Snacks Proud has a complete range of healthy snack gift boxes you can buy for yourself or gift for birthdays, Christmas, remote events or send as a delicious thank you gift. We make our deliveries nationwide with affordable, fast and friendly shipping. No order is to big or small.

If you would like to order in bulk, no worries. Snack Proud are happy to work with you to customise a healthy snack gift box to your budget, branding or dietary preferences. Simply email with your brief.

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Will everyone like the snacks?

There are many unique features of our healthy snack gift boxes. Snack Proud has completely transformed the idea of traditional gift hamper with boring unhealthy chips and chocolate which don’t leave a lasting memory.

We partner with unquote health food brands from all over Australian to delivery EPIC healthy snack boxes which are easily more tasty than the uhealthy alternative. Young people especially are really conscious about what they eat and don’t align with junk food that they wouldn’t usually consume in their diets.

Snack Proud pick better-for-you healthy snacks that are based on popular traditional snacks like sugar free brownie, veggie chips, grass-fed jerky etc so everyone can relate to the taste. The seasons and flavours always make the sweet and salty snacks moorish and delicious.