Family Lunchbox Essentials


Keep the whole family fuelled with our lunch box essentials pack. All nut-free so you can send the kid’s school worry-free.

Each snack has been carefully chosen to be free of common allergens so that your kids, their friends and the whole family can enjoy together. There are no preservatives or refined sugars but you can be sure the kids will love them.

With each box purchase, we donate 2 meals a person in need via Ozharvest.

Your family will enjoy…

  • 4 x Chocolate coated solar-dried bananas’, (GF, V, NF)
  • 3 x Happy Snack Chickpeas – Lime and Cracked Pepper, (GF, V, NF)
  • 1 x Snack Proud Brownie balls 10 Pack, (GF, V, NF)
  • 1 x Table of Plenty Choc Coated Rice cakes, 6 piece share pack, (GF, V, NF)
  • 2 x Think Munch Cranberry Nut Clusters (GF, V)
  • 2 x Choc Berry Fudge Protein Bars, (GF, V, NF)
  • 2 x Banana Choc Fudge Protein Bars, (GF, V, NF)
    1 x Eat Real Hummus Chips (GF, V, NF)
  • 2 x Pipz Mexican Seeds. (GF, V, NF)
*While we do our best to pack boxes to the list above, please allow for the occasion flavour or product change.