Keto Snack Box

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Make your keto diet a whole lot more delicious, convenient and fun. Enjoy a range of healthy snacks and low carb drinks with less than 5g net carbs per serve. There are popular items from your favourite keto snack brands like Locako, Just Jerky, and DJ&A. Buying a keto snack box is a great way to prevent expensive impulse choices that aren’t good for you. See below for more details!

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This range includes:

  • 2 x Snack Proud, Crunchy Edamame, 30g
  • 1 x Natures Tribe, SF Dark Chocolate Almond Cranberry, 38g 
  • 1 x Temole Almond Chips, 40g
  • 1 x Botanika, Apple Pie Protein bar, 45g
  • 1 x Googys Collagen Bar, Mixed Berry, 40g
  • 1 x Googys Collagen Bar, Salted Caramel, 40g 
  • 1 x Amazeball Cheddar Cheese, 50g 
  • 1 x Harvest Box, Chocolate Raspberry, 40g
  • 1 x Skinnybik, Low Carb Cookie, Date and Butterscotch, 30g 
  • 1 x Slim Secrets Fit and Fab Bar, Creme Caramel 40g 
  • 1 x Veggie Crackers Cauliflower Sweet Potato, 45g 
  • 1 x Just Jerky, Beef Jerky, Original, 25g
  • 1 x Pics Peanut Butter Slug 
  • 1 x Remedy Organic Kombucha, Cherry Plum, 250ml

Ordering a Keto snack box is a great way to discover new products, have a new healthy dessert option that won’t blow your daily carbs, as well as the ultimate fuel to get you through the 3 pm slump.

Each snack is made with high-quality whole food ingredients, to ensure you are adding a range of beneficial nutrients into your diet. For example, many of the protein bars like the Locako Brownie Bites contain MCT oil to boost your energy levels and brain function. We are particularly OBSESSED with the Locako Beauty Collagen Bites. They are only so decadent to eat and full of flavour

Unlike a lot of the ‘Low Carb’ bars at the supermarket, we avoid cheap, nasty ingredients like sugar alcohols such as Sorbitol and Maltodextrin. These can upset your stomach and cause bloating. At Snack Proud we focus on clean ingredients for you all.

The Snack Proud Crunchy Edamame Beans are great to munch on like peanuts, yet much higher in protein. Each pack of crunchy edamame contains 12g protein per bag.

If sugary drinks are your weakness, fear not, we have you covered. For the Coke lovers, we have you sugar-free Cola alternative, thanks to Remedy! Sips Sparkling water is another goodie with zero calories. Each flavour is infused with Australian native ingredients.

While we do our best to fulfil the order to the picture, from time-to-time we may need to swap a flavour based on stock levels.