Locako, Keto Collagen Bars, Vanilla Hazelnut


Locako keto collagen brownie bars are a life-changing snack because they taste so good!. The vanilla and hazelnut brownie flavour is made for the Nutella lovers. Say goodbye to artificial, rock hard snack bars to fuel your keto diet. 168 calories, 12g fat, 9g Protein and 2.8g carbs. See below from Ingredients.

Locako, Keto Collagen Bars, Vanilla Hazelnut - 1 Sachet

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Locako, Keto Collagen Bars, Vanilla Hazelnut - 12 Units

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1 Sachet, 12 Units

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, Pasture Raised Collagen, Peanut Butter, Almonds, Prebiotic Chicory Root fibre, Tahini, Cacao Powder, Cacao Mass, Coconut, MCT Oil, Monk Fruit, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Himilayan Salt

We love these clean keto collagen bars made with only 3g carbs per bar. Enjoy natural ingredients like nuts and MCT oil for brain function, making this a great option to take to work. They are made with pasture-raised collagen which is very good for you good and improving the quality of your hair and skin. We recommend trying this for a healthy keto dessert if you need to include more fats into your meal. No sugar alcohols with can cause bloating, instead naturally sweetened with Monk fruit.


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