Plant-Based Pantry Box

$49.99 or $49.99 $44.99 / month

Make over 15 plant based dinners using these amazing high-protein plant based ingredients. Mung bean fettuccine is super tasty, but also a protein fibre powerhouse. Mix through pasta sauce and top with Nutritional yeast which has a cheesy taste but dairy free. We love the versatility of the protein pizza base, low carb rice and felafels too!

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This Pantry Box includes:
Samir’s, Organic Falafel Mix, 200g – 1
PBCo, Lower Carb White Rice Blend, 500g – 1
Jolly Organics, Fettucine Mung Bean, 200g – 1
PBCo, Protein Pizza Base Mix, 320g – 1
Absolute Natural, Yeast Nutritional, 150g – 1


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