Return To Work Box


Put staff wellbeing first with this health and hygiene focused, return to work snack box. Breakfast, snacks, coffee and sanitation items. What else do you need?!

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Additional information

This range includes:
  • Sips, Sparkling Water, 330ml – Raspberry (1)
  • First Press Coffee – Almond Milk (1)
  • Piranha Snaps, Oregano & Thyme, 25g (1)
  • Snack Proud, Crunchy Edamame, 30g (1)
  • Choc not Choc Truffle, Chocolate, 30g (1)
  • Snack Proud, Choc Berry Fudge, 40g (1)
  • Slim Secret, Designer Cookie – Choc Chip (1)
  • Barnanaz, Chocolate Almond Banana (1)
  • Luv Sum, Energy Ball Choc Chia (1)
  • Harvest Box, Dipped Chocolate Raspberry (1)
  • Botanika Brekky – Instant Probiotic Protein Porridge (1)
  • Dettol 2in1 Hand and Surface Wipes (1)
  • Liyalan Hand Sanitizer, 100ml (1)
We can accommodate any dietary requirements and the addition of custom notes.
*While we do our best to pack boxes to the list above, please allow for the occasion flavour or product change.


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