Tour de Cure Fundraising Snacks


We have 20 delicious and energising snacks made with natural ingredients that contain a good dose of carbs to fuel your ride.

Each box contains brownie balls, chocolate-coated bananas, nut-free protein bars, trail mixes, and more.

See below for fundraising options and full details.

Tour de Cure Fundraising Snacks - 1 Box
Tour de Cure Fundraising Snacks - 10 Boxes

Additional information


1 Box, 10 Boxes

Buy 1 box: Make $15.00 per box
Snack Proud will automatically donate to Tour de Cure. Just leave your name in the order notes.

Buy 10 boxes: Make $20.00 per box

We will send you the boxes to sell to your community. Your purchase price is $35.00 for $55.00 resale.

You will receive an email template, printable post and Instagram via email to help you promote it.

Snacks run out so this is great way to continuously fundraise.

What is in the boxes:

2 – Wellness by Tess, Probiotic Bars, Hazelnut Crunch – (per 30g Calories: 105.1; Carbs: 15.1g ; Protein: 1.6g ; Fat: 6.6g)
2 – Snack Proud, Get Seedy Bar – (per 25g Calories: 130.7; Carbs: 10.0g; Protein: 4.0g; Fat: 7.0g)
2 – Snack Proud, Peas n Pop –(per 25g Calories: 100.9; Carbs: 14.2g; Protein: 5.0g ; Fat: 4.2g)
2 – Snack Proud, Edamame – (per 25g Calories: 114.0 ; Carbs: 5.8g; Protein: 12.5g ; Fat: 4.4g)
2 – Snack Proud, Choc Berry Fudge – (per 40g Calories: 179.2; Carbs: 15.0g ; Protein: 8.og ; Fat: 9.0g)
2 – Snack Proud, Banana Choc Fudge – (per 40g Calories: 181.4 ; Carbs:15.0g; Protein: 8.0g; Fat: 10.0g)
2 – Snack Proud, Chocolate Raw Brownie Ball – (per 30g Calories: 115.7; Carbs: 21.0g; Protein: 2.0g ; Fat: 4.0g)
2 – Snack Proud, Chocolate Mint Raw Brownie Ball – (per 30g Calories: 115.7; Carbs: 21.0g; Protein: 2.0g ; Fat: 4.0g)
2 – Barnanaz, Chocolate Coated Banana – (per 25g Calories: 98.2; Carbs: 17.8g; Protein: 1.1g; Fat: 2.0g)
2 – Barnanaz, Chocolate Almond Coated Banana – (per 30g Calories: 129.3; Carbs: 18.1g; Protein: 2.2g ; Fat: 4.8g)


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