Vegan Snack Box

$45.00 or $45.00 $40.50 / month

Who said being vegan isn’t fun?! Certainly not us. We hear vegan. We think of innovation. Out with the boring and indulge the best vegan snacks.

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The range includes:

  • DJ&A, Vege Chips, Beetroot, 50g
  • 1 x Botanika Blends, Vegan Protein Bar, Choc Chip Peanut Butter, 40g
  • 1 x BARnanaz, Chocolate Coated Banana, 25g
  • 1 x Snack Proud, Choc Coconut Crackle, Get Seedy Bar, 25g
  • 1 x Karma Bites, Popped Lotus Seeds, Caramel, 25g
  • 1 x Snack Proud, Peas n Pop, Lightly Spiced, 25g
  • 1 x Piranha Snaps, Oregano Thyme, 25g
  • 1 x Snack Proud, Choc Berry Fudge, Protein Bar, 40g
  • 1 x Happy Snack Co, Roasted Chickpeas, Dark Choc Raspberry, 20g
  • 1 x LuvCo, Probiotic Nut Bar, Peanut Butter and Jelly, 35g
  • 1 x Snack Proud, Banana Choc Fudge, Protein Bar, 40g
  • 1 x X50, Cauliflower Chips,Tomato, 60g
  • 1 x Honest Sea, Seaweed Seasalt, 3g
  • 1 x Snack Proud, Roasted Edamame Beans, Salted, 30g
  • 1 x Choc Not Choc, Choc Brownie Ball, 30g