Full Kitchen Support

Did you know the average large employer spends at least $100,000 a year on biscuits and lollies. Often they have no idea!

Snack Proud helps businesses analyse their spend and bring in healthier alternatives into the office, on budget. We can also help you consolidate vendors and save time managing it by adding fruit, milk, bread, coffee and lower sugar beverages into your package.

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Our whole food catering menu has been a big hit with a number of organisations who are after a fresher take on weekly team lunches, event catering or workshops.

We have easy preset menus for lunch, morning tea or a pick of your own selection.

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Culture and Employer Branding

Having worked with a number of leading organisations, our expertise lies in understanding company culture based initiatives that attracts and retains top talent.

The Snack Proud engagement team will design and implement a culture roadmap, tailored to your workplace. We take your company online to promote it to potential talent. Social media, job boards and workplace awards are covered.

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Lunch & Learns

We love to bring engaging experiences to your office to help staff learn better habits:

  • Snack right everyday
  • Healthy eating fundamentals*
  • Eating for energy*

Lead by our nutrition partners The Biting Truth

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