We can all be lazy, and it is ok! But just because you are lazy does not mean that you have to sacrifice healthy choices. Having healthy office snacks delivered optimizes laziness, by making nutrition easy and convenient. The perks of snack delivery are numerous:


  • Will Power. When you are hungry it is near impossible to resist the urge to buy whatever you can your hands. Temptations can get the best of us. So lets put the good for you choices at grabbing distance.


  • Affordability. If you run down to the shop to grab a protein bar it can run you $5. YIKES! This can make it hard to choose the healthier option, how can you justify spending that much on a protein bar? But we’ve hacked this and made friends and want to share them with you so you can snack better and cheaper!


  • Convenience. Major time saver. The lifts can take ages and sometimes we need a quick fix before the meeting that started 5 minutes ago! Having healthy office snacks on hand will give you the energy you need to power through that meeting productively.


Office culture is tough; your time is not YOUR time. But making sure you snack well through the day is imperative because if you don’t make these healthy choices during office hours the unhealthy choices will carry over into YOUR time. Eating a handful of biscuits Friday afternoon at the office is not going to make you want to slip on your tog this weekend. So snack healthy. Eat well. Enjoy YOUR time; Snack Proud will deliver the rest.