JAN 16, 2024


Service agreements

Where a service agreement is in place between Snack Proud and the customer, the conditions of that agreement override this Terms of Service document.

Service agreements are not essential to work with Snack Proud.

However, they are a more formalised commitment of service over an extended period typically suited to customers who have;

– A service element ie Pantry Managers
– Annual budgets and POs managed by Snack Proud
– A desire for a commitment of service and a strong partnership.
– a national snack program managed by Snack Proud.
– Committed pricing.


Snack Proud will generally send an invoice 2-4 days after orders are processed.

We invoice via Xero and accept all major payment methods.
Snack Proud is happy to upload invoices to your chosen procurement platform.

Where consolidated invoicing and/or monthly reporting (consumption reporting or budget tracking) is required, Snack Proud will charge an administration fee per month, at $39.95.

Payment Terms

Standard terms are Net 14.

We are willing to consider exceptions to this timeframe – please communicate your needs to to undergo our greater credit assessment.

Terms and conditions of sale

A customer enters into a contract of sale with Snack Proud upon placing an order whether that be via email, phone, purchase order or our B2B portal. The exchange of goods is considered to have occurred when the goods leave Snack Proud’s facilities.

Snack Proud does not accept refund requests for overorder or unused items.

Please ensure that your order is correct when submitting.

Orders can only be canceled up until 8am the day prior to delivery. Anything after this will incur a restocking fee of $25 on the basis the order has already been picked and packed.

Freight/ delivery fees

Freight is charged to Snack Proud direct customers as follows:

Sydney: $12.99 per delivery
Interstate: $15.99
WA/ NT: $29.99
Oversize: $29.99
Oversize to WA/ NT: regular freight fee + oversize charge

Orders of 4 cartons and above may incur an oversize shipping charge of $29.99 as freight is charged by volume.

This is at the discretion of Snack Proud warehouse staff and will be assessed based on the cubic volume of a shipment. We will always endeavour to pack your order in a method that minimises freight costs.

Product pricing validity

Any generalised price rise applied across our catalog will be notified and come into effect after a 30-day period.

Snack Proud reserves the right to adjust pricing on a SKU level, in line with any increases passed on by our suppliers.

Our team is always looking for more affordable products for our customers and building strong relationships with suppliers to keep our prices as affordable as possible.Pantry Customers – Sydney and Melbourne

Pantry manager service

Snack Proud provides service to our customers in two ways depending on their location and hours required onsite.

Merchandising service by driver
Typically for service less than one hour.

The service fee for a merchandising service by the Snack Proud driver does not have a minimum as it is performed during their delivery run and includes the delivery portion of your replenishment.

This fee also covers the time spent by the Snack Proud orders team creating your next order, using a visual stock take provided by the driver.

Pantry Manager Service
Typically for service more than one hour.

Snack Proud charges a minimum of 2.5 hours to have a Snack Proud pantry
manager visit your office to perform your replenishment. This includes a portion of travel time to your office, time on site, and time to create your next order.

Pantry management fee structure

Customers will be invoiced for the total number of hours onsite performing services associated with stocking the pantry – including but not limited to, where relevant: organising shelves and fridge space, replenishing, stock receiving and management, storeroom organisation, ordering, stocktake

  • Merchandising Service by driver (0 – 30 Min) – $39.95 ph
  • Merchandising Service by driver (31 mins – 60 mins) – $69.95 ph
  • Pantry Manager Service (Multiple hours onsite) – $49.95 ph – Minimum of 2.5 invoiced hours

Snack Proud is happy to provide staff for events at the rate of $49.95 per hour, min 3 hours.

Pantry manager code of conduct

Snack Proud commits to providing our customers with pantry manager(s) who are courteous, efficient, observe good hygiene practices, are food handler certified, and are professional.

They will abide by any stipulations related to privacy onsite as required by the customer.

Snack Proud communicates our customers’ pantry needs to the orders team via onsite photographs as a visual stocktake, therefore we reserve the right to take any photos necessary to perform these functions.

Our employees have up-to-date food handling certificates and can provide
background checks if your company requires that.

Photos may contain images of our customers’ staff members in the background however we commit to not sharing these beyond the internal Snack Proud team and will only be used in the course of performing the function of order management for the customer.

Should photos be taken for social media or promotion, these will not be used or shared without the customer’s permission.

Customer service contacts

Account Management Team

Any questions regarding your orders – products, availability range, budget, service, can be directed to your account manager.

Kirsty Baker
– 0493 246 306

Orders Team
To place a new order or modify existing orders.
AJ Jaducana
– (02) 8069 4080

Delivery Team
Any questions regarding the timing of delivery on delivery day can be directed to our operations team.
Harry Klaudiou
– 1300 445 666