Promoting Sustainable and Healthy Snack Choices at SnackProud

Reduce waste. Retain taste, health and innovation.

Delicious unique bulk unwrapped foods

Compostable packaging options

Locally sourced drinks – plastic free

Getting started on the path to sustainable office snacking

Snack bar scoping

Let’s discuss your budget, hygiene goals and policies around bulk foods.

Curate your menu

Snack Proud will propose an awesome range that can be fixed or rotated monthly or quarterly.

Pack your order

Snack Proud can also source canisters if you are introducing bulk foods.

Expert delivery

We deliver your order for the team to enjoy! Set it on a schedule or order ad-hoc.

Go bulk to reduce single-use plastics in the office.

Bulk foods not only reduce packaging but help you save money. Shopping in bulk means your snack per serve is typically under $1.00.

We realise not all offices are ready for bulks yet but they may be something to keep in mind for future.

Try bulk food snacks like chocolate brownie balls, pretzel cracker mix, lebanese beer mix and more!

Healthy snacks with compostable packaging.

Snack Proud has started to create delicious snacks in home compostable packaging which is plant-based and uses non-toxic inks.

Home compostable is different from recyclable and bio- degradable packaging. It doesn’t need to be disposed of in industrial waste stream. It will break down in 26 weeks in your office organics / food scraps bin.

Conscious purchasing for our business supplies.

Snack Proud invest in compostable mailing bags for our home delivery care packages and our boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

Within our packing environment we choose biodegradable packing tape and deliver to our major clients in bins, that we can re-use.

We are always are refining our offering and service with environmental consciousness first.

How to make more conscious purchasing choices

Female founded

Support a femaie founded and run business, instead of doing supermarket orders.

Support small

Snack Proud source from local Australian brands. You are choosing to support small business with us.

Reduce packaging

Let us help you design a menu with less single use plastics and more compostable items.

Let’s chat!

Jump on the phone with a snacking expert

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Sustainable Snacking FAQ’s

How do I buy these sustainable snacks?
You can shop on our website here (Bulk foods page link) or get access to our B2B Portal which offers a range of products at discount business pricing. Sign up here.

If you would like us to help to curate a menu suitable to your business email

How do I dispose of the packaging?

Home compostable snack packaging can go in the food scraps bin.

A couple of the bulk snack lines are still in plastic (we will inform you which ones) and they will go in the recycling bin.

What is the shelf life on bulk foods?

Unopened, 2 or 3 months depending. Opened in a jar we suggest turning the stock every few weeks. Our team can help procure or suggest the appropriate air-tight bulk food canisters for your kitchen too.

Should I get portion-control or bulk foods?

It depends on your team size and working style. We usually find a mix of portion control snacks and bulk food snacks is good. ie. If people are running between meetings a lot, then a healthy snack to grab and go is ideal. If people like to come to the kitchen to chill out with a snack then bulk works well.

One thing we have found is if you have staff being a bit cheeky taking their office snacks home, then adding a portion in bulk stops them from doing that.

Are bulk foods more cost-effective?

Healthy bulk snacks are more cost effective yes as you are reducing packaging costs and labour.

We are able to get more snack portions under or close to $1.00 per serve. Having some bulk foods can be a good strategy to extend your budget