Dogs in the Office?

If you want to improve your companies workplace wellbeing, the answer is YES!

We spend a minimum of 25%, for some of us more like 30-40%, of our week at the office.

Your office is your second home, literally, when you take into account the amount of time you spend there. So why not treat it like a second home and invite your pooch along. Dogs are fiercely loyal and I guarantee they would rather be by your side than left alone at home. Did we mention your performance at work will increase too?!

Bringing your dog to work benefits everyone! Your co-workers that don’t have a dog will love getting the benefits without any of the responsibility. And you will be fantastically stress free while your doggo will be feeling the love!



  • Reduce Stress: Dogs are an instant mood booster. Work can be hard at times and being able to remain calm throughout a task is vital.
  • Increase Productivity: Having your dog in the office will ensure that you take a break and get some fresh air. This escape from your desk and tasks at hand will then lend to increased focus when you return to your desk…you may even get home at a reasonable hour! 
  • Encourages Healthy Living: The modern lifestyle is quite sedentary. So having a dog in the office to take for a little walk is a good healthy nudge to get the team active and increase blood flow.

Also, we couldn’t leave out the company branding aspect! If you are a company that supports a great office culture and dogs in the office, word will get out. Employees will be talking about your company in a fantastically positive light and the company will be able to attract amazing talent.

Make your office a happier place by being dog friendly!