5 Ways To Combat Mindless Snacking At Home

It can be difficult, especially during this time of having to social distance and stay at home, to get carried away in the act of constant snacking until you realise how many servings of something you actually ate. We’ve all been there! Here are some helpful tips to help combat this mindless snacking.

1. Meal prep – snack edition!

It’s so easy to wander to the cupboard during the day and search for something to eat when you have nothing to do. Avoid this by creating small, portioned snack packs (about 2-3 snacks) for each day and allow yourself to only eat those snacks between meals. Our snack boxes are great to reuse into snack packs that you can place on your desk, so you don’t have to take those unnecessary trips to the pantry.

We recommend getting our monthly discovery snack box so that you have 30 snacks on hand that we have checked for you that will make your snack portion-controlling easier.

2. Have water by your side at all times.

Especially for those who have sweet or savoury craving hits throughout the day, drinking water may help to curb food cravings. The part of the brain that controls the feeling of thirst also controls hunger. This is why, sometimes, you tend to desire a sugary drink or a sweet snack whenever you’re thirsty. By keeping a bottle of water next to you when you’re working, it’ll ensure you’re stopping those stubborn craving hits through hydration.

If you do like to mix up your drinks, outside of water, try some low sugar beverages like flavoured sparkling water or Kombucha. Coconut water is also a great option, especially after a workout as it contains electrolytes which really enhance hydration.

3. Eat smaller meals more often.

Instead of following the “three normal sized meals a day” rule, many people are eating smaller meals more frequently (5-6 small meals) throughout the day. By scheduling at most meal times, it can reduce the likeliness of the hunger sensation and therefore, prevent the mindless reaching for unhealthy snacks to satisfy those cravings.

4. Eat foods that will make you feel fuller for longer.

Foods that are rich in protein and fibre can help you feel satisfied for longer, preventing those late afternoon snack cravings. Some snack ideas include: handful of nut mix, sliced fruits and vegetables, wholegrain crackers and dip. We also have various sweet and savoury high protein + fibre snack options that are delicious and satisfying! Always have these healthy snacks prepared so you aren’t tempted to eat the unhealthy foods in your pantry.

If you don’t have time to always make fresh snacks, don’t worry we have got you sorted! Seed bars are an awesome source of fibre and very satiating. Try our Get Seedy Almond and Cranberry bar which is very popular.

5. Find ways to distract your mind from food.

Being a big foodie myself, I always catch myself thinking of future meal ideas, or googling different food recipes until it makes my mouth water (which doesn’t take long!). I find that distracting myself by going out for a walk, or immersing myself in other hobbies like drawing or reading a book while listening to music helps to put me in a different state of mind that makes me forget my peckish food cravings.

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