Beauty food products, have recently become a major trend, and in particular, it has led to the rise in collagen. You may have heard collagen ingredients in skin products such as creams and serums, but it’s slowly making its way into our health food products!

Defining collagen

So, what exactly is collagen? Collagen is a protein that is abundant and naturally produced in our bodies. It is commonly known for maintaining our skin’s elasticity and “youthful complexion”, as well as strengthening our hair and nails. It also supports the inner workings of our bodies, promoting healthy cell growth and strengthening our bone and joint structures, so it’s definitely an important protein in our bodies. Natural collagen is typically derived from animal products; mainly, from bones and joint structures. Unfortunately, it is not a vegan product, but there is more science surrounding the production of a vegan “collagen” (though, not as commonly produced yet)!

What can decrease collagen production in the body?

Refined sugar and fats are the main culprits that can decrease collagen production in the body. Poor quality foods with high sugar and fat content can cause inflammation in the body, leading to decreased collagen production. It can lead to the development of skin that is less elastic and firm. Not only that, it increases the onset of other chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, avoiding consumption of highly refined sugary foods is key. Consume foods that are most minimally processed; they won’t contain the refined notes that can be detrimental to your health. We have a range of snack products that are all natural and contain key ingredients that are beneficial for your gut health and well being.

What foods are high in collagen?

Protein-rich foods, such as eggs, meat, dairy, fish and seafood all contain the right protein compounds to boost collagen production in the body. 

At SnackProud, we have a range of beauty foods that contain collagen powder and other natural ingredients beneficial for your body. Some include:

Collagen is available in powder form in supermarkets, and this can be easily added to your baking, breakfast smoothies, or juices to boost collagen intake in your diets! Collagen is also available in pill supplements, and can be taken first thing in the morning to boost the activity of your skin.

How can I boost collagen production if I am vegan?

Typically, collagen products are derived from animal products. However, you can boost collagen production by maintaining a diet that consists of unrefined food products can stimulate the production of collagen in the body. The biochemical process of collagen production is complicated and detailed, but the main points to remember are the compounds required to start the production of collagen. They are: amino acids (from protein), vitamin C and polysaccharides (from starchy foods). Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and you can gain essential amino acids from protein-rich foods, such as seitan, lentils, beans and protein powders. Vitamin C can be gained from citrus fruits and yellow/red/orange vegetables, and starchy foods include potatoes, rice and grains.

Are collagen and gelatin the same?

Collagen and gelatin are not the same structures! When collagen is heated, or undergoes a cooking stage, it breaks down into different structures known as gelatin. Gelatin is available in powder form, and is typically added to support the gelling of products like jelly! Gelatin also comes in a vegan-friendly form, derived from algae products which produce the same “gelling” effect as animal gelatin.

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