Healthy Fundraising Snack Box

How does your office come together to support the community?

Snack Proud has just launched a Healthy Fundraising Snack Box! It works just like a Cadbury Chocolate Box, BUT it promotes the wellbeing of your team too.

Healthy fundraising snacks are fun, convenient and affordable. The box is $100 for 50 snacks. The fundraising snack box comes with a coin drop box for you to charge back a suggest $2.50 to staff.

Raise the moral in your office and build a positive workplace culture. Studies have shown that staff has a higher level of engagement in the organisation if the organisation supports community initiatives. Who wants to work for a company that doesn’t care about its neighborhood?

Healthy fundraising is also a great idea for schools. Snacks are tasty, come in a fun package, and appeal to everyone involved with schools whether it be the students, teachers or parents!

Order your Fundraising Snack Box here!



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